From now on...

This blog is going to be posted as a music blog. Music I create on piano or music that I like and think that you should all listen to because if I like it, and if I post it, then it's amazing...maybe, most of the time.

Right now, I'm working on what I think is my passion. I love music, I can't live with out it. I can play guitar but I don't like it, I love piano though. It is the most beautiful instrument in the world besides violin and cello but violin is evil and a cello is just too expensive!
So, that's why I am going to learn how to read sheet music and how to play piano.
I don't know when I'd have music up that I have performed, and it will be covers of other peoples songs. I will ask my dad to install a program onto my computer that will make this midi piano thing I have now sound like a real piano because that's all I have until I have enough money to buy a Yamaha. So, you can start sending requests! I have a lot of school to do at the moment, but if you send me requests of songs to practice and play on piano, I will choose one, I will practice it, and I will play it.
I don't know how long practicing will take but I don't think it'll take longer than a month. Haha

Anyways! Music of the day which I think you should listen to, know matter how much you hate the original song...THE PIANO JUST MAKES IT A MILLION TIMES BETTER! Listen and you shall be amazed...SHWAAAH! ... that was me signing out. Haha...ha...right.

Anyways. SHWAH!

- Eimilee

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